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Combination of Fractional Micro Needle RF with

Thermal Cooling Handle

Thermal & Microneedling RF

Fractional RF is a beauty device combining focused effects of Radio Frequency and Micro-needle Fractional Mesotherapy. The combination of these technologies in one treatment results in a powerful scar reduction, wrinkles and stretch mark removal, and smoothed, improved skin. The device Is equipped with two hand pieces which works hand in hand, to produce gratifying results.

Ago RF Applications

  • Stretch Marks Treatment

  • Scar Remover

  • Keratosis Pilaris

  • Hyperhidrosis Treatment


  • Face and Eye Lifting

  • Skin Tightening 

  • Wrinkle Reduction

  • Enlarged Pores Reduction

  • Acne Scar Treatment



Handset Details

MicroNeedle RF Handpiece

  • Minimal point using Ø16 thin RF needle, 25pin(5×5), 10pin(5×2) non-insulated needle

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  • Micro needle bi-polar RF effects directly on the skin

Thermal Cooling &

Heating Handpiece

  • Thermal Cooling Handle helps lower temperature and sooth and relax your patients of treatment area  

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  • 3 adjustable settings

       Blue: cold    Red: hot    Purple: neutral

  • The fine penetration depth control function through Vacuum-based Suction(Skin-up) can be customized to fit a variety of skin conditions



1. Superficial fractional RF has two unique channels which combine to provide epidermal ablation and dermal coagulation.


3. The second channel provides micro-ablation of the upper layers of the epidermis and mild coagulation for controlled fractional ablation and skin rejuvenation with minimally invasive RF delivery 


2. The first channel delivers a deeper zone of controlled thermal effect to activate collagen and skin enhance skin tightening


4. Together the two channels provide a 3-dimensional treatment zone for superior skin rejuvenation, overall tightening and consistent results you can count on.



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MIDAS RF Specifications

Input Power:                          100V-230V         50/60Hz

Needle Type:                25 pin

Needle Thickness:          0.3mm

Invasive Needle Depth:   0.1~3.5mm adjustable        

Weight:                        22 lbs