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Ultracavitation,RF, and Cryolipolysis

Body Contouring

Non-invasive body treatments

BF Contour is a non-invasive body treatment that uses five applicators to target multiple areas at one time. Treatments are fast, comfortable and results are optimized without any downtime to the patient.

This innovative device does not feature revenue restricting consumable costs while maximizing patient experience.

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High Performance Tips


Handle A

220 x 76 x 125mm

Abdomen, Waist

80 x 27 x 41mm

Abdomen, Double Chin

Handle D

Handle C

160 x 56 x 65mm

Abdomen, Waist

Buttock, Thigh

125 x 45 x70mm

Abdomen, Waist

Upper Arm

Handle B

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handle_G Cavitation Body_shadow.png

Cavitation Body

RF Body

RF Face

Market Potential

The Non-Invasive Body Treatment Market

Non-invasive body treatments are expected to reach $1.1billion worldwide by 2022 as patients are prioritizing in-office treatments with minimal downtime over surgical solutions.

Non-surgical body technologies and treatments have come a long way in the past few years. While these “non-invasive” procedures do not involve anesthesia or incisions, some can be uncomfortable, lengthy and require interruptive down-time. The key is to balance comfort with consistency, efficiency and outcomes. Munera has found a non-invasive body treatment with BF Contour that is comfortable and effective, so patients can achieve their ideal results.



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BF CONTOUR Specifications

Screen:                      12 in color touch screen 

Heads:                       5 pieces available

                                (2Cryo,2 RF, cavitation)

Input Power:                2000w   

Cryo:                         Vacuum: 0kpa-100kpa

                                Cooling Temperature: -15-5c

                                2 Cryo Heads Work Together

RF:                            RF Frequency: 2MHZ

                                RF Energy: 1-50 J/cm²

Ultrasound:                 Cavitation Frequency: 40k

                                Cavitation Power: 1-70 J/cm² 

Cooling System:           AC220V