About Us


Munera Aesthetics


Munera comes from the latin word "munus" which means to give back


For over 50 years the aesthetics field have been monopolized by the likes of Large brands that over the years have failed to deliver on promises made. In addition, they have made it their mission to creatively engineer a take over of your hard-earned income through the use of  restrictive technologies such as service keys, refill cards, and shot counts. 

Munera Aesthetics is a brand backed by a 20 plus years aesthetic & laser service company founded by an Engineer (Laser Specialist) and co-founded by a medical research scientist. Our goal here at Munera is to offer you devices that are safe, effective and affordable. 


We provide all our clients overview on the technology and associated hazards

We provide personal protective equipment associated with your technology purchase

We offer competency testing on all our products (maximized utility)

We teach you compliance so that you are a step ahead of the the law

Munera is all about bringing you affordability so that you make your ROI in months not in years.

Our devices are made of high-quality components & parts sourced from around the world.

To ensure quality our devices are meticulously tested, and quality checked prior to each delivery. In the event of any unexpected service issues, prompt assistance is available through our US or Asia based technicians via phone or email.

We offer a no gimmick service experience (we sell parts, service, support - without limitations)

Our showroom is located in the heart of Los Angeles County in the City of Chatsworth, California. We offer virtual demonstrations and showroom presentations as needed. We now offer our products in Asia through our exclusive master distributor Spectrum Scientific Inc. in the Philippines. 

Unparalleled support:

We are unlike any other as we provide all our customers the following:

  • Clinical Training

  • Parts (repair parts)

  • Technical Training includes (Service manuals, guides, block diagrams)

  • Marketing support (Starter Pack, Digital Assets)

  • Private Labeling (your brand, your name, your business)

  • Operator Training/Workshop