How to choose the ideal device company.

Let us be real, we all have access to Alibaba and other marketplace platforms out there to purchase your next device.

Look its your money, you can do whatever you want with it. Take my advice with a grain of salt and hear me out. Buying from Alibaba direct is good if you truly know what you are getting, but let me remind you the risks that you are taking can jeopardize your business and can cost you money in the long-run.


  1. Customs - misdeclaration of something is equivalent to trade theft. You can get fined and in serious cases land in jail. Cmon “cleaning device” for a laser

  2. Guarantee to work- there are many cases upon receipt your device does not work. Will you repack and ship back to China?

  3. Product manual - straight up google translate

  4. Product liability - in case your device fails and causes injury, sorry to say you are liable for being negligent (lawyers will love you)

  5. Service - ok now that device works, what happens when it breaks? Do you just toss it and get another one?

  6. Fda registration - Munera for one is a registered FDA facility in case something happens we get a visit not you.

  7. Durability - unless you are a talented engineer and have broken the equipment down to piece, I can assure you can’t tell the difference.

  8. Cost of doing business - Munera has an overhead to maintain to support all of our clients as such our devices costs, product & safety improvements, r&d and more plus the reassurance that you receive high quality, dependable devices backed by a service and support team you can count on.

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